On Stage: Creating a Community Dialogue Around Live Theater is a theater outreach and audience development program fiscally sponsored by Springboard for the Arts.


On Stage is designed to enhance in-class learning, to make local theater relevant to younger and non-traditional audiences, and to lay the groundwork for building future theater attendance.

H. Adam Harris and Austene Van facilitating an On Stage discussion at MCTC about West of Central


Wendy Knox and Nora Montanez facilitating an On Stage discussion at Metro State University about Escaped Alone


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"I am so impressed by [On Stage] and its accomplishments. [On Stage] does great and important work that will benefit the theatres of the Twin Cities for many years."

Jack Reuler - Artistic Director of Mixed Blood Theatre

"You all create a supportive atmosphere to take risks... So great! Glad you gently nudge students. What [On Stage] does is amazing."


Carolyn Evans – Professor at Augsburg University 

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Lady Day at Emerson's Bar and Grill - Th
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Lady Day at Emerson's Bar and Grill - Re
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West of Central - Ansa Akyea
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West of Central - Ansa Akyea 2
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The murder of George Floyd and the subsequent protests have triggered an urgent national conversation about what can be done to bring about real criminal justice and civil rights reform. We at On Stage stand with our Black community and demand justice for the Floyd family and for the end to systematic racism in the Minneapolis Police Department.


We are also trying, with humility, to understand how we can continue to be useful and relevant on the road ahead. 


We do know this: Art both creates and reacts to culture and art is a catalyst for change.


The most important part of On Stage’s mission is listening to diverse opinions and stimulating courageous dialogue in the classroom and the community. We have hope that these discussions will join many threads of constructive response and lead to a just community we can all take pride in.