"[The actors and teaching artists] were so gifted in helping to both bring a meaningful artistic experience into our space and facilitating a thoughtful conversation." 

Todd Bratulich - Pastor for Community Engagement at First Covenant Church



***Formerly known as EXILED IN AMERICA)

@ Mixed Blood Theatre

Created by Mark Valdez and Ashley Sparks. A new show on housing insecurity and homelessness. Using art to influence Housing Policy. The Most Beautiful Home... Maybe is described as an experiment in art-based problem solving to build cross-sector relationships, foster dialogue, influence housing policies and ultimately enact social change. As such, there are two distinct components of equal importance. The first involves bringing together community stakeholders to investigate the issues in each city. The second is to use the information gathered to create a play to be performed in each participating city. Community workshops in each city will be organized with local partners to bring together relevant stakeholders including people experiencing housing insecurity, policymakers, commercial developers and community development corporations and advocates. The strategy is to invite representatives from these constituencies to come together to help create the play. Often these groups do not interact with each other or have grown wary of each other due to mutual perceptions of intractability and self-interest. Once together, the project's goal is to surface information that will inform the play and to build trust and communication among everyone in the room. 


Mixed Blood Theatre hopes to present this play this upcoming spring. Discussions for THE MOST BEAUTIFUL HOME... MAYBE will likely take place in mid-late February.


@ Pillsbury House Theatre

Written by local playwright, Christina Ham. In this powerful play inspired by Nina Simone’s song “Four Women,” Simone and three other women find themselves in the rubble-filled 16th Street Baptist Church on the day of the 1963 bombing, in which four young girls were killed. As riots erupt outside, the women must come to terms with the tragedy and with each other if they are to move forward. During this time, women, who played a critical organizing role in the Civil Rights era, were not allowed to march with men or speak at the ceremony except to sing for the crowd. Featuring Simone’s most popular anthems that highlight how music was a powerful form of resistance for women during the Civil Rights Movement, Nina Simone: Four Women is a timely and electrifying testament to the radical and healing power of art.


Pillsbury House Theatre hopes to present this play this upcoming spring. Discussions for NINA SIMONE: FOUR WOMEN will likely take place in mid-late March.


NOTE: On Stage is going to adhere to the highest level of safety precautions during this time, and even though some classes could be meeting face-to-face in the spring, all On Stage talks will be online until we all can safely gather together.

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JuCoby Johnson and Stuart Gates at Normandale Community College facilitating an On Stage discussion about Actually 

Miriam Schwartz, Lucas Erickson and Michelle O'Neill at Normandale Community College after facilitating an On Stage discussion about Actually

Harry Waters Jr. at Normandale Community College facilitating an On Stage discussion about Actually 


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